TOKYO Women’s Anti-Theft Bag/ Travel Rucksack – Khaki

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By popular demand! You asked… we delivered! Introducing our latest collection of stylish anti theft bags and backpacks.

Made from high quality, waterproof nylon, ‘Tokyo’ is one of the most versatile travel day packs on the market. Whether you’re slinging it over your shoulder during your weekend getaway, or your staple bag for travelling abroad, this bag is perfect for all occasions – even after dark.

Anti Theft Properties: So you can travel with peace of mind, the ‘Tokyo’ anti theft bag hosts the opening/zip for the main pocket hidden at the back rather than on the front like most backpacks, making it hard for the common pick-pocketer to subtly flog your valuables without you noticing.

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Dress it up or down with a variety of styles and colours. You’ll find the ‘Tokyo’ soft and long-wearing so you don’t have to sacrifice durability for style.

  • Fully concealed zipper so pick-pocketers have no easy access to the main pocket
  • Waterproof
  • Multi-purpose straps - wear it over the shoulder or as a backpack
  • Large capacity for convenient travel
  • Available in black or khaki


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