Korin FlexPack Pro Anti Theft Backpack

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Introducing the Korin FlexPack Pro Anti Theft Backpack, one of the newest additions to our Premium Range.


Key Features (read more below!)

  • Triple anti theft security features
  • Retractable steel wire lock
  • Insulation pouch
  • TSA lock
  • 5 unique storage compartments
  • Magnetic chest strap
  • USB charging capabilities
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design
  • Smart compartment configuration to maximise space
  • Free shipping Australia wide!


  • Anti-Theft Structure – we pride our bag on being the leader in travel safe backpacks. When we started searching for the best anti theft backpack, we wanted a bag which had multiple secure compartments, each with hidden zippers to keep would-be pick-pocketer’s out of the game! This bag does just that! Jump onto the Metro or the overflowing bus and feel confident in your choice of backpack
  • Telescopic Steel Cable Lock - secure your bag to other objects such as railing or your chair; love the peace of mind that comes from not having to be paranoid about your bag being stolen whilst you are distracted or asleep on public transport, for example
  • Bag Lock – TSA-approved bag lock anti theft technology so you can travel through airport security and customs with ease and peace of mind that your belongings are as safe as they possibly can be, all stowed in the main compartment of your bag (a little layer of added comfort in case you are needing to place your bag in checked luggage or underneath a bus
  • USB Port on the Outside of the Bag – plug into a power bank or your laptop stowed safely inside and charge your phone, iPod, iPad, camera or even GoPro… there’s nothing worse than running out of change and not being able to phone, Google or get that perfect snap!
  • Shock Absorption Technology – give your valuables an added layer of protection in case of accidents
  • Safe Laptop Storage – the modern traveller is more often than not tech savvy, carrying a laptop on their travels to keep in touch with those back home, upload photos, study abroad and even work from anywhere. Fits laptop, 15.6 inch and under
  • Breathable and Sweat-proof – stay cool and dry during your adventures
  • Lightweight Design – Don’t get caught with overweight carry-on luggage just because of your choice of bag!
  • Ergonomic Design – Includes an air cushion to better mould to the natural curve of our spines, especially when the load of a backpack, for a more comfortable experience. Also includes adjustable shoulder straps, widened and padded with breathable mesh material
  • Durable and High Quality Finishes – No-one wants to be replacing their backpack after every big trip… built with high quality materials, we trust our anti theft bags to go the distance! Practical AND sophisticated!
  • Spacious and Organised Compartments – the multiple partitions of this backpack allow you to stay well-organised throughout your travels, with the added benefit of a small pocket in the shoulder strap for easy storage of cards and cash etc! Hook your keys on the side of your bag if you wish… plus side pouch to stow a water bottle, small umbrella or jacket on the outside of the bag for fast access!
  • 180 degree Opening – There’s nothing worse than needing to pull EVERYTHING out to find that one little item that’s been lost to the bottom of your travel day pack – are we right?! With a wide opening, this anti theft backpack will keep you organised AND sane!
  • Waterproof material - keep your belongings safe from thieves AND the elements!
  • Unique Insulation Pouch - keep food/drinks cold or warm with the unique insulation pouch with separate, easy access; or alternatively, use the pouch to stow wet, dirty or muddy items to keep the rest of your belongings clean and dry!
  • Buy Now, Pay Later – AfterPay Now Available! To help you budget for your upcoming travels and get your hands on your new travel day pack, we wanted to make your purchase as smooth and easy as possible. Get it now and pay it off in 4 fortnightly instalments with AfterPay!



  • Brand Name: Korin
  • Main Material: Polyester fiber
  • Lining Material: Polyester
  • Model Number: K3
  • Dimensions: 34x18x47 cms
  • Net weight: 1653 grams
  • Capacity: 18L


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